About Dana Taylor

The author and screenwriter, Dana Taylor,
studied Literature, Advertising and Copywriting, 
and became a freelance writer in 2009. 
With endless talent, creativity and passion for writing,
Dana decided to use her
knowledge, skills and unique style,  to create
Sister of A VIP. 
" I  guess the basic reason that pushed this project forward,
was the fact that my own daughter Aqua
(you can see her photos in the book)
was facing adolescence.
I realised that most of her girlfriends were communicating freely with me,
but were too embarrassed to talk to their own parents about certain issues,
so I felt as if it is my duty, to provide them
(and other girls around the world)
an easy access to info, that will be very beneficial for them. 
Nowadays, blind admiration and pursuing  fame & fortune  in all cost,
is a fairly common attitude of young girls,
so I wanted to give them a glimpse and tell them what it is really like. 
As an ex actress and a model,
I do have quite a lot of knowledge and experience in this field...
so why not share it with them?! 
I'm thrilled to say, that all girls that come across
Sister of A VIP absolutely love it!"
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