While I was drinking a glass of water,                 
     I’ve noticed that Mimi was nowhere in sight .
(*She was probably in the shoWer, or in her room, getting ready...)            
                                                                                                Come to think of it,
I hardly get to see her at all !
             I wondered how she's been dealing with all this craziness...  
          because, in the last couple of weeks,
              she's been waking UP this early,
                       almost every day !        
                                 That must be ridicul0usly difficult 
                                    'cause she also returns very late every night .  
How weird is that  ?!
She leaves the house when it’s dark outside and I'm aSleep,
and returns when it’s dark outside and I'm aSleep. 
[*Well, although I'm still in bed,
                                    I probably lay in a different position,                
                                         because I dO tend to move quite a l0t
                                                                                            while Sleeping.]
    Recently, MUm blew my Mind
              when she told me
    the 0ddest reVelation ever!!!
                      She said that when I was much yoUnger,       
                                          she Used to come late at night into my room,                           
               just to tuck me in,
               and was often finding me,
                                                    laying on the carpet
                                                               Next to my bed                                               
                  and sometimeS even NeXt to the door.
Obviously, I was Horrified when I'd found oUt about it .
I was Mortified to learn 
      that I might be just like those people,                      
               who walk and dO all sorts of activities
             while they are still aSleep.                  
                         (*BiZarRe !)                             
                 they're called SleepwalkerS.                    
                                                         It’s really SCary !         
It looks like they're awake,   
      {*because their eyes are Wide open}
               bUt they actually in a very deep Sleep,
and often have little or No Memory of the incident at all!
                                                                                     (*FreaKi s h!)
(*That is why I didn't Know that I was actually doing anything...)
MUm also eXplained that
           Sleepwalking is quite Common in childh00d,  
                   bUt most children just grow oUt of it,
and it usually disappears by adolescence.                    
                  Anyhow, she said I'm in the clear,                   
             and that I don’t dO that anymore.                               
                                    Except maybe the 0dd kicKing,
                              or I might be chucking teddy oUt of bed. . .
{*I must admit, 
        it sounds like teddy and I are having
              some sort of an abusiVe relati0nShip.
       poor teddy !        
                                                   I really don’t Know how and why
                                                                                   he continues to tolerate me .}
       I was having the last bite of my toast,
           when Mimi came into the Kitchen.         
                     She looked radiant !
                                  (*even though
                                          she probably didn't get
                                                  more than 5 hours Sleep!)
and although she wasn't wearing any MaKeUp
her Natural beauty was showing, 
and she looked beautifUl !
I know, I know, one bite is never enough... 
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