"Norah! Come on!
                                                           you need to get ready, hurry up!"
                                                        "I'm coming…"
Ugh!!! Mum is calling me...
             I should have been ready by now, 
                    because we’re about to go Soon...
Tonight, we  are inVited to a Gala night Or a Premiere
                                                                               (*as they call it…)
                                                              which is actually, an opening night.
    Whenever there’s a special occasion
            like if a new exhibition is about to be open,
                                             a film or a new theatre show
                                                       are about to be shown for the first time,
                       the production company and the PR
                             {*Personal Relations} people,
                                    are organizing a big fancy party,
                                                        and inVite a lot Of celebrities 
                                                                  and Famous people in general,
                                                         to add a little SparKle to the occasion...  
                                                                      you Know... glam it UP!  
                                  The VIP 
                                 [*Very Important People]
                are all dressed UP in their best
                           (*most expen$ive)
                            designer clothes,
                     because, they all want to
                               steal the show!
The paparazzi,
      which are actually photographers,
                 that get a lot of mon£y,
                         from newspapers and magazines,
                                  for taking photos of Fam0Us people,
        {*for best results, both are wishing for embarrassing images as possible...}
                                             are standing jam-packed,
                                                    Shout and Shoot endlessly.
         It’s a bit like when visiting the zoo...
                 (*when everyone's taking pictures of the animals)
                                                                                         but much wOrse ! ! !
Fortunately, they never take photos Of me!
                      and if it wasn't for my older sister,
                                         I would have never even been considered to be inVited!
                                                                 You probably heard of her
                                                                         (*She’s Fam0Us!)
                                                                                                       her name is Mimi...
Well, actually her real name is Michelle
                                                             [*but Michelle  is such a boring name!]
       So her agent decided it would be a good idea to change it
                                                                                             into a Short, catchy name
You Know... something cool, like
                                name that is easy enough to remember...
                                               {*What did you say your sister’s name was?
                                                                                                                           Miami ???}
Mimi is much older than me,
        there are 9 years and 7 months between us…       
                                                                                (*that's a lot!)
                                                 She was already in year four, when I was bOrn!
    Mum always says that Mimi was just like a little mother.
                 She used to take real good care of me;
                    She sang to me and dressed me UP,
               She even enjoyed changing my nappies!!!
                                 Until, She reached 16...
                                                                             then her agent
                                                     (*the same one that had changed her name)
                                                                            discovered her
                                                       and since then, she's So0oooOoo0o busy
                                                   She has No time, whatsoever, to Play with me!
          Even though Mimi is still living with us, at home
                   we  usually meet on an opening nights,
                  just like  the one we  are about to go to...
         but even then and there, she's always busy worKing,
          because she needs to promote, her new projects
So there, On the Red carpet,
            She's mostly smiling and p0sing for the cameras…
                                                      Mimi likes to be photographed!
                                                                                   She LOe's the attention!!!
I on the other hand, don’t like to be photographed at all !
             I absolutely Hate it, when people tell me
                   where to stand and what to dO...
         especially after, one of my teeth just fell !!!
     they completely ignore it and force me to smile!
                       I really absolutely Hate it!
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