Sister of a vip, awwwwesome book!
it was beyond my expectations!
 This book is funny, clever and dramatic,
with interesting facts and lots of tips!!
The general mood of the book is SOoooo cool,
with the biggest plot twist ever!
[it was so surprising, I screamed "WHAT?!"]
 I recommend this book for everyone.
I promise you'll love it!  
I thoroughly enjoyed it!


This book is amazing! 
I recommend this book for readers who like twists in stories.
A must for young readers ( especially girls!)! 
To my amazement this book was spectacular!
I have to read a realistic fiction book for class
and by far this is the best one I have read!!
To all the wannabe VIP'S I consider this book to you.
You can really understand how hard it is to be a VIP.
It's not all about the fame and the fortune.
This book thoroughly explains what it's like to be a VIP.
 It was a great story to read.
I hope you enjoy the book. :) :)
Happy Reading to everyone!!!!!
How amazing can a book get?
once you've read this book you'll know!
It's simply fantastic!!! 
This book is amazing for all girls,
aged between ten and around thirteen,
who wish to become celebrities.
All girls will have a bundle of fun reading this fantastic book.
With its interesting images and colorful words,
I was thoroughly upset when I'd finished.
I have only one bad thing about it,  
I thought it ended way too quickly.
Personally, I really enjoyed reading Sister of A VIP
because that's the kind of story I like to read.
The style is what you'd expect from a book for girls these days
but different in a good way. 
The story really kept me captivated and eager to read more!
Also, it was easy to read and I think it would appeal to girls
(well, perhaps boys!!!) of the age 9 - 13.
I want to write when I'm older too, thank you. 

Dana Taylor has written the perfect book for young teenage girls!
Also great for mothers, who really want to get into the minds
of their adolescent children!
Excellent writing, light and fun, visually unique and beautiful!
Highly recommend!
Gat Namir Hoter Ishay
Interior Architect and a mother
Sister of a vip - A wonderful book!
Great story, beautiful photos and illustrations, 
Very creative and modern,
I loved it !!!​
I think this book was amazing because it was fun to read
and I didn't want to stop reading it!
I would recommend to all my friends!!
MUST read!!!
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Sister of A VIP

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